As you surf the net for hiking and camping gear, consider the VALUE of the products you encounter.  The lowest cost may make you feel like a power shopper.  And a highest price, even if you can afford it, does not guarantee true VALUE in your purchase. 
When you are in the outdoors comfort and functionality rate high in the VALUE equation.   Your tent and sleeping bag are critical to providing protection from the elements.  A cold or wet night could very well change your and your families current and future enthusiasm for camping.  Food and food preparation is also important.  You spend alot of time preparing food and everything seems to taste better when you are in the outdoors.
VALUE for hiking and camping gear is that product that provides the intended use that enhances your outdoor experience. 
So shop wisely.  Shop for QUALITY gear when it comes to your sleeping comfort and meal preparation.  Search for "How To"  items that provide advise on purchasing sleeping bags and tents.   Decide what you consider as key elements of a products VALUE.  Then its time to make your purchases.  And its time to:

The Ecconomics of Camping

Tent Camping is a excellent way for families to go on that much needed vacation when budgets are stretched.  The 'primitive' campgrounds favored by tent campers typically cost $5 to $10 per night. This is a substantial savings from even the most basic motels.  If you are new to camping [Tenderfoots] :
  1. Pick some place close to home for your first outing. In case you forgot something or someone. I have provided my favorite site to locate the campground of your choice.  http://www.camping-usa.com/campgrounds/   Options include:
    • Commercial sites typically for RV camping with full facilities including Toilets, showers, laundry facilities, electricity and a convenience store.
    • Primitive sites are typically at state and national parks.  Typically these camp sites include drinking water, toilets, and picnic tables.  Some include showers.
    • Wilderness camping is permitted in some state and national parks in designated areas.  But here you are on your own.  No frills here.
  2. Make sure you have the equipment you need for the type of outing you are planning.  I have provided a Camping Checklist at one of my websites that lists what you might need. 
    • Don't go crazy.  Simplicity is the key.  But there are a few basics that will make your camping experience an enjoyable one.
    • Stay dry and warm or cool as you like and well fed.  I offer 5 necessary key pieces of equipment: 
      •  Tent .  These can be expensive.  So look around before you buy.  Visit campgrounds in your area.  See something you like?  Ask the campers to take a look.  One good thing about camping is that you meet a lot of friendly people. You can get used tents on eBay, at yard sales or at Army Navy Stores.  But before you go, check out some new tents on the discount websites for price comparison.  Naturally I offer you my own site HIKING CAMPING WORLD. 
      • TARP   String one of these between some trees to provide protection from the sun and rain.
      • Sleeping Bag.   Most people will want to buy these new.  Again, shop around to find what you want.  Make sure you select a bag to fit you (men's, women's, children) and fits the temperature conditions of intended use. (comfort temperature )
      • Sleeping Pad .  It may sound like a good idea to sleep out on the ground under the stars, but not only is the ground hard but the cold will penetrate your sleeping bag. There are many low cost light weight sleeping pads or air beds available.
      • Camp Stove.  Again cooking over an open fire seems like the thing to do when camping, but shifting winds and rain showers sometimes make this difficult.  Again there a many low cost alternatives to choose from.  Look for one that will support the number people in your camping party. And leave the campfire for singing and marshmallows.
Tent camping is also a great 'bonding' opportunity for the entire family. Leave the TV, Game Boys and the latest 'i equipment' at home.  Assign each family member the responsibility for an activity during the trip and follow their lead.  Can be quite exciting for both the leader and the followers.


No it is not too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping.

Have your favorite elf jumping for joy when you get them their

See our full line of quality hiking and camping gear at HIKING CAMPING WORLD .  You will be able to find equipment for all seasons.  We have recently added a section that allows you to shop for sleeping bags by temperature range . This convenient shopping tool allows you to select the comfort level for the planned conditions of use.  While you're there check out our clothing , tents and much more.

Labor Day is NOT the end of the camping season.

OK. So the summer is over and on the fringe of your thoughts is winter weather.  But don't give up on 2010 just yet.  There are still lots of great camping opportunities. And there should be a lot less competition for those really great spots.  Fall brings on some beautiful transitions in our surroundings.  Don't miss out.

You have kids in school?  Check their schedules and look for those free days or half days that you can plan around.  Even these short trips can be a rewarding get away for the family.  Use these shorter trips to test out some equipment enhancements that you have been thinking about.  A new type or larger tent .  Some new cooking gear .  Maybe replacing that old worn out sleeping bag .  Also be prepared for those lower temperatures (finally) with a new jacket .

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