Typically, the first few seconds spent inside Coleman sleeping bags indicate the overall quality of the night about to come. Coleman sleeping bags - warm, roomy, responsive to your every movement - adapt to the bedtime needs of the moment. Built for recreational activity, ambient temperature, your body size and your preference in added features, Coleman’s washable bags fit you. They fit the way you live your life outdoors. Like, as the Eskimos say, a particularly good glove.

 8475-400 Cloudcrof  X40 Mummy 
 8475-400 Cloudcrof X40 Mummy 
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 8475-510 Cloudcrof  X20L Mummy 
 8475-510 Cloudcrof X20L Mummy 
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 8475-600 Cloudcrof  X0 Mummy 
 8475-600 Cloudcrof X0 Mummy 
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